Community Challenge


Being a Wayfinder means embracing change and finding alternative ways of doing things. Seattle is advancing quickly. Our population is growing. We’re educated and resourceful with increasing visibility on the world stage and a growing reputation for being innovators and pioneers. Transportation and the art of the commute will be a defining conversation in this city for decades to come.

Last year, the US Census Bureau listed Seattle as one of the Top Ten worst commutes in the country. Wow. Time spent in the car is less time with family and friends. Our daily commute affects our health and the health of our environment; Drivers experience stress levels that measure off the charts, meanwhile, C02 emissions slowly destroy our eco-system.

Did you know:

Last year, 18% of people that work in Seattle took public transportation, 9% of us walked and 3.4% of us biked (5th highest in the nation). We are an evolving city, creating the infrastructure that’ll help connect our community for years to come; we still have a long way to go though.

The streets are an extension of your home. They are your North, South, East and West Wings. Nature, architecture, human interactions, short cuts and passageways, public art and oddities...walk your halls.

What did you discover on your commute? Food? Awesome coffee shop? New store? Great art? Talk to someone new? Find a cool park? Show us!